Shout out to Konra and Equine Supply in Utah!!
and a huge THANK YOU!! for making great stuff :) I have bought lots of stuff from her when I lived closer...bummer I don't anymore :(
I got a headstall and breastcollar about 6 or 7 years ago. It has lots of blingy set rhinestones and studs and is (I think painted) a chrome color...not sure how the chrome color is put on the leather...and don't care.
I have NEVER cleaned this set.....been a bad tack owner. Have treated it like crap, used the heck out of it.
I cleaned it for the first time today. It has NO missing studs or rhinestones and the chromey looking leather still looks like brand new!!!
Gotta love quality stuff
cleaned another set from a maker I won't mention that is newer and cost way more....it is missing lots of stuff (set stones)...just saying...
my german martingale that is even older than the headstall/breastcollar that she also made for me is in super shape, too.
Konra you rock!!!
KJ Robinson ~ May 22, 2011
I have been using Equine Supply for many years as my first source of my own personal tack requirements and for prizes for the many organizations I am involved in. Both Konra and Darla are always available to help with prize ideas that fit budget needs but are creative and useful to win. I have always been able to count on them to deliver a quality product at a reasonable price on time. I have also worked with her production staff, Ardella and Alethia and have found both of them to also be helpful. Alethia always helps me choose the correct color combinations and assits me in getting the most for my budget. I feel like I receive personal service and that they take a great interest in my prizes. I highly recommend Equine Supply to any event promoters out there looking for awards.
Janie Johnson
District Director
I love Equine Supply, Konra & Darla are the best I have been doing business with them for years. I have bought saddles, blanket, bits etc! If they don't have what you're looking for they will get it, and get it fast, my orders are always within days. I can always count on them. Konras custom fly masks are the bomb! But she really out does everyone when it comes to her custom headstalls and breastcollars they are beautiful!! They make my day when I see them at a barrel race, I can always go home with something.
Becky Jorgensen
Konra is one of the friendliest, most equine savvy business woman I know. She is always willing to go the extra mile to make a customer happy. From tailbags to one of a kind pads, Konra is always there to lend a helping hand. I have had her repair boots, halters, and flymasks, and everytime I have come out pleased with what I received. I now live in California and, yet I still order from Equine Supply where my equine needs are always met with a smile.
Jandee Scott
Konra has always run an amazing business. She has so many personalized items that we all love. She makes everything from breast collars to fly sheets. I have ordered custom items from her, sight unseen and never been disappointed with any of them!
Cheri Bingham
Hi Konra, I want to tell you how much we love our Headstall and Breast collar that we won at the Dixie Classic Futurity. It is just gorgeous. Really makes a horse look good, even an ugly one! LOL Also, we purchased some of your customized fly mask at the South Point NBHA
Show and love them. They are tough to un-velcro and that is good so the other horses don't pull them off and destroy them. You do good work!
Thanks again, Kelly and Joey Griffith, Amanda Holt
Konra has the BEST stuff! The best tail bags, fly masks, bits, ect. She carries the things barrel racers actually use. She can make you anything you want, or repair what you have, and is always friendly and helpful. Plus her prices are lower than most other tack stores.
Sherry Bozek
Just ran in to her at the big South Point barrel race. Haven't been to St. George in years. Bought bits and tacky pads. She didn't have enough pads with her so she took my number and got me 2 more in one day!!!!! Had a bunch of bits and was just wishing I had bought more. Was just thinking I would love it if she had a web site.
Robin Roberts-Harrison
I haven't bought much from Konra, Equine Supply but what I have bought I have really been pleased with. And I've been buying from her for a few years now. I think the first thing I bought from her was a halter and lead rope. One that I still have and use everyday on my mare Tinkering With Magic. I also bought a pair of spurs that I really like. The last thing I bought was one of her cell phone holders, in Hurricane at the Dixie Classic this year. One with all the pink and silver bling. I loved it but unfortunately, the metal clasp broke. My daughter kept telling me to call Konra about it, but I just put it off. While we were at the NBHA John Deere barrel race in June I stopped and was talking to Konra. I told her what happened and even though I didn't have it with me she let me pick out another one and said I could mail the broken one to her. No muss, no fuss. And that's the way she is. Eager to please her customers and always ready with a great big smile. She has a saddle and bridle set I've got my eye on now, but that will have to wait a little while.
Carol lamb
Konra's products and service are the BEST. I have bought numerous items but I think my favorite ones are the fly masks and fly sheets she makes. They are top quality. Her service goes above and beyond. I bought some of those really thin saddle pads that have a cut out and when they came in without the cut out, she added it and it was better than from the factory. Everything she does and sells is top drawer just like she is. Her efficiency and concern for her customers are hard to find most places these days
Connie Armentrout
I have known Konra and Darla for years and have been doing business with them all along! I have bought all kinds of stuff from them, anything from snaps to LOTS bigger!! These guys are the best!!!! And I can afford to shop with them!! When they have their mobile tack shop at the Dixie Classic in March I swear I spend more time in there shopping than on my horse!!!
Robin Williams